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Nice older model shotgun that have been well sought after.
Location: NSW Price: 2,000.00 plus postage
The perfect gun for the local RSPCA or vet.
Location: NSW Price: 300.00 plus postage
New and in stock. Currently out of stock from supplier. A great big knock em down calibre in an...
Location: NSW Price: 1,999.00 plus postage
Wanted to buy cocking indicator for Sportco martini action. Phone/ text Ted, with price etc
Location: TAS Price: -
Howa 308
Location: NSW Price: $ 880.00 or best offer
Ruger 30-06 Ready to Go with Redfield Scope
Location: NSW Price: $ 880.00
.22 Browning Buckmark Contour 5.5" Ultragrip RX Pro Target. This is the perfect first and last...
Location: QLD Price: 1,000.00 plus postage
New and In stock. Great entry level shotgun with all the features required in a trap gun. Ready...
Location: NSW Price: 3,695.00 plus postage
New and In stock. These superb guns have all the features of a gun 3 times the price. Very nice...
Location: NSW Price: 4,399.00 plus postage
Priced to Clear! Rifle has slight blemish on l/h side of action.
Location: SA Price: 750.00 plus postage
Priced to clear!
Location: SA Price: 825.00 plus postage
Priced to clear!
Location: SA Price: 1,249.00 plus postage
Priced to clear! This rifle has interchageable components that allow you to change calibers and...
Location: SA Price: 999.00 plus postage
Priced to clear!
Location: SA Price: 989.00 plus postage
Priced to clear!
Location: SA Price: 1,049.00 plus postage
Priced to clear!
Location: SA Price: 1,049.00 plus postage
Priced to clear
Location: SA Price: 1,249.00 plus postage
A nice example of this martini actioned shotgun. Gun was partially restored and presents very...
Location: NSW Price: 650.00 plus postage
Magazine in good condition, suit Sportco B/A Blueing O.K slight wear mark on one side.
Location: SA Price: 80.00 postage included
Here we have a 20 shot magazine in very good, almost new condition. No rust no pitts. Mags in...
Location: SA Price: 200.00 postage included
Priced to clear!!
Location: SA Price: 1,099.00 plus postage
This rifle is in great shape and has been re furbished at some stage,has bayonet and rear butt...
Location: NSW Price: 900.00 plus postage
Excellent starter pistol in tidy condition. Comes with x1 mag and timber grips
Location: NSW Price: 400.00 plus postage
This rifle in a very accurate calibre with set trigger and tasco scope,one piece bridge...
Location: NSW Price: 850.00 plus postage
Sportco Martini .22LR 23" Brl Lever Action Single Shot.functions ok can see rifleing but brl is...
Location: TAS Price: 235.00 postage included
Winchester Mod 39 .22LR Single Shot 22" Brl Sling Hangers Bolt Safety.Drilled/Tapped for Scope...
Location: TAS Price: 99.00 postage included
New and In stock. This gun is a beast,heavy fluted barrel in a HS precision stock. Ready for...
Location: NSW Price: 1,680.00 plus postage
As new, never had a round thru it. Paid over $950 (2008) and this firearm no longer imported into...
Location: SA Price: 650.00 plus postage
good for piggin or larger game Very light trigger and smooth action Good zoom on scope Very...
Location: NT Price: $ 500.00 or best offer
Tanfoglio 38 super race gun excellent condition approx 1200 rnds. Has original barrel as well....
Location: SA Price: $ 3,650.00 or best offer
Remington 700 sps Tactical 308 in excellent condition Very little use 200 rounds max , quality...
Location: NSW Price: $ 1,250.00
Anschutz Match 54 Target Rifle .22 cal Heavy barrel, manually operated, single shot, hand feed,...
Location: SA Price: $ 1,200.00 or best offer
SKS 7.62x39 SemiAuto Type 56 PRC with new Choate Stock 20" Brl Bores ok comes with origional fixed...
Location: TAS Price: 550.00 plus postage
Leupold vx-7 2.5-10x45mm
Location: WA Price: 1,150.00 postage included
Location: NSW Price: 600.00 postage included
Excellent condition great balanced rifle bought for samba hunting but no time due to family...
Location: NSW Price: 1,200.00 plus postage
As new Magpul 223/5.56 30 round windowed with round count indicator
Location: QLD Price: 150.00 plus postage
As new BX 25 fits 77/22, 96/22, 10/22, PWS T3, and Charger
Location: QLD Price: 249.00 plus postage
Sako 75 .308 Stainless Laminate Hunter, with beautiful timber checkered stock. Crisp light ...
Location: SA Price: 1,950.00 postage included
Nice rifle with SS fluted barrel and nice timber stock. Rifle has done very little work,less than...
Location: NSW Price: 1,800.00 plus postage
Old school timber/Blued M77 in a well sought after calibre. We have test fired this rifle and its...
Location: NSW Price: 750.00 plus postage
Deceased Estate. Brand new still sealed in box. Leupold Part no. 60075 Priced well below RRP to...
Location: QLD Price: 2,050.00 postage included
Deceased estate. Brand new still sealed in box. Leupold #60150 Selling well below RRP to sell...
Location: QLD Price: 1,400.00 postage included
For sale is my Howa .270 hogue over molded stock black with stainless barrel It has had a muzzel...
Location: SA Price: 900.00 plus postage
These are an excellent long range tactical style rifle that are capable of fine accuracy. HS...
Location: NSW Price: 1,200.00 plus postage
New and in stock ready for delivery. 6 grove Right hand twist 1:16, 100mm barrel. 8 shot.
Location: NSW Price: 850.00 plus postage
6 shot revolver, 150mm barrel.blueing a bit thin in places, still a very serviceable pistol.
Location: NSW Price: 375.00 plus postage
I am selling my Howa 1500 in .223 with a Redfield Revenge 6-18x44 scope which has been zeroed in...
Location: QLD Price: $ 999.00 or best offer
Numerous sets removed from prone target rifles, all in excellent condition.
Location: NSW Price: $ 200.00
Action and stock in very good condition, Barrel in fair condition.
Location: NSW Price: 1,350.00 plus postage
This rifle is in excellent condition with quality optics,extra 10 round magazin.
Location: VIC Price: $ 1,500.00
Ok, Who doesnt like a good pump. 28" barrel,few marks on the wood but still very much ready for...
Location: NSW Price: 600.00 plus postage
This rifle in excellent condition and ready for some long range hunting or plate ringing. Has the...
Location: NSW Price: 1,150.00 plus postage
Gret little gun for the beginner or to just clean up a few of the small vermin .
Location: NSW Price: 300.00 plus postage
Lots of fun for the close quarter scrub basher,these shotguns are a tonne of fun.
Location: NSW Price: 1,500.00 plus postage
Hobby Electroplating Kit- Dual- Nickel/Copper for plating handguns. Cost $400-used once-sell for...
Location: WA Price: 200.00 plus postage
Rest is the model that slides left to right and not in an arc. Rear bag is a bunny ear single...
Location: NSW Price: 450.00 plus postage
Tidy field gun ready for some hunting or sporting clays. comes with x5 chokes and...
Location: NSW Price: 799.00 plus postage
Benjamin Marauder .22 10 shot. WA APPROVED Old model Marauder shortened and modified to meet WA...
Location: WA Price: $ 895.00
Diana 52 .177 – Side lever
Location: WA Price: $ 600.00
Semi Auto comes with fibre optic front sight extended mag release mag funnel 4 STI 10 shot mags 2...
Location: VIC Price: 1,800.00 plus postage
For sale is my .270 win howa lightening 1500 stainless. It has a black hogue stock, leupold rings...
Location: NSW Price: $ 1,200.00 or best offer
These were a popular gun in its day and were used to dispatch many a small game. This rifle has...
Location: NSW Price: 1,200.00 plus postage
Older model sako fitted with 8x AO Leupold. Comes with dies and brass. Original sako...
Location: NSW Price: $ 1,450.00
Slazenger 1B .22lr – Painted black. Single shot. Sale: $75.00
Location: WA Price: $ 75.00
Lithgow .303 No1 MKIII 3MD 1917 – Rubber butt pad removable. Was: $400.00 NOW ONLY $375!
Location: WA Price: $ 375.00
Savage 5 Shot Bolt Action Rifle .17HMR Model 93R17 Bull Barrel made in Canada witth Olivon 3-9x40...
Location: TAS Price: 499.00 postage included
• Press – RCBS • Uniflow Powder Measure – RCBS • Scales - RCBS (Model 5.0.5) • Case...
Location: WA Price: 280.00 plus postage
Fabarm Classis 12 Side by Side, excellent condition less than 100 rounds, no marks on Barrels or...
Location: SA Price: 2,400.00 postage included
Savage 111 (Savage BA stock) .338win mag. Tactical bolt knob, muzzle brake, detachable 5 shot...
Location: WA Price: $ 2,000.00
Zafer Field Extractor 12g U/O. Was $885.00 NOW ONLY $750!
Location: WA Price: $ 750.00
For sale browning A bolt 223 wssm, 3x12x40ao olivon comes with new brass RCBS, reloading gear seen...
Location: VIC Price: $ 600.00 or best offer
Nice short handy rifle with the added bonus of heavy barrel. Stock has had some mods by previous...
Location: NSW Price: 800.00 plus postage
Glock 9mm Model 17 9mm. Comes with 2 mag’s total. 122.5mm barrel
Location: WA Price: $ 550.00
Glock 17 9mm. 2 mag’s total 122.5mm barrel. Sale: $550.00
Location: WA Price: $ 550.00
Weatherby MKV Barrel 7mm Wby Mag – Brand new barrel out of a Wby MKV. Sale: $200.00
Location: WA Price: $ 200.00
great condition only fired one box to site in. regretful sale
Location: QLD Price: $ 700.00
Looking for a stock as a useless mate thought it was a stick and broke it. Like a monte'...
Location: TAS Price: -
I reckon shooting a revolver in IPSC is a hard day at the office so I want to sell mine. I have...
Location: VIC Price: 900.00 make offer
Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x50 Illuminated Reticle, Mill dot. Scope has done very little work and is...
Location: NSW Price: 1,400.00 plus postage
Be one of the first to secure one of these superb rifles. They are due to land in April and by...
Location: NSW Price: 1,330.00 plus postage
Nice example of this model. 30 inch fixed choke barrels. Centre bead and cased.
Location: NSW Price: 1,750.00 plus postage
This rifle has had a cheek piece fitted to allow easier scope view. Comes with strap,Weaver...
Location: NSW Price: 625.00 plus postage
Heres your chance to own a bit of history. Comes with 5 & 10 round mags and a brick of ammo less...
Location: NSW Price: 800.00 plus postage
Beretta Silver Pigeon Trap DTL Special Edition. Great clean gun, well looked after. 30" barrels...
Location: VIC Price: $ 2,400.00 or best offer
In as new condition fired around 20 shots,synthetic stock, varmint weight barrel. Save off new...
Location: NSW Price: 350.00 plus postage
New and in stock from Beretta Australia,full lifetime service and local warranty, NOT a grey...
Location: NSW Price: 5,650.00 plus postage
New and in stock.
Location: NSW Price: 999.00 plus postage
Calibre: .308 Win (7.62x51 NATO) Barrel: Stainless Milspec 5R Barrel Length: 24"...
Location: QLD Price: 2,000.00 plus postage
We have a 4 set of flags that would be ideal for rimfire 50 mtr or centrefire 100mtr. well made...
Location: NSW Price: 250.00 plus postage
Excellent trap gun,has all the features desired in a trap type gun. Nicely grained timber.
Location: NSW Price: 4,000.00 plus postage
Cutts compensator for Thompson Model 1928 with front sight and lock pin . As used by Australian...
Location: QLD Price: 60.00 plus postage
Manufacturer: Leapers, Inc. - UTG For sale is a UTG 3-12 x 44 Accushot Swat Compact scope...
Location: SA Price: 190.00 plus postage
CZ 452 american with walnut stock comes with CZ rings, Lowey bore guide and a new Lowey tuner
Location: SA Price: 700.00 plus postage
Ruger 10/22 .22lr Semi-Auto Rifle with new ZK22 Stock and Sights.has 10rd ruger and 10rd promag...
Location: TAS Price: 899.00 postage included
Been in storage for a few years. This model not made anymore. Great little rifle.
Location: NSW Price: 275.00 plus postage
High Standard Supermatic Citation .22LR Semi-Auto Pistol Model 103 with 8" Brl Adjustable Sights...
Location: TAS Price: 320.00 postage included
New and in stock. Very popular calibre. This rifle can be swapped into any of the tikka line of...
Location: NSW Price: 1,299.00 plus postage
This shotgun purchased in October 2013 through Beretta Aust and has full Service and warranty...
Location: NSW Price: 8,600.00 plus postage
Sako 75 Hunter 30-06 in excellent condition has fired around 200 rounds since new. Comes with...
Location: NSW Price: $ 2,100.00 or best offer
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